Guest Registration Form – for Guests and Renters (WEBFORM)

Guests and Renters of The Capes should use the form below to register details of their upcoming visit with the Resident Manager. A hard copy version of this form can also be downloaded and printed here.

Note: If you submit this form and do not receive a confirmation email, please contact the office at 503-842-8777 to ensure we received your information.

Guest Contact Information

Visit Details


  • I have read the Capes Rules for Renters and Guests and agree to abide by all community rules laid out therein. (Link will open in a new tab.) I understand that violations of these community rules will result in fines for which the homeowner will be held responsible.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to have adequate insurance to cover accidents or injuries that may occur while staying at The Capes, and that in the event of any such accident or injury, The Capes Homeowners Association, Inc. shall be held harmless.
  • I understand that any and all problems specific to the property listed above that I may experience while visiting (malfunctioning appliances, internet/telephone outages, burned-out light bulbs, etc.) are the responsibility of the homeowner and should be reported to them directly. The Capes Homeowners Association, Inc. is not responsible, nor should they be contacted in regards to these matters.
  • All information provided above is true and correct.