Capes News – April 2019

Annual meeting

Remember – our annual homeowners meeting will be held on Saturday, April 27, 2019 at 10 am at the Netarts Fire Station meeting room. All Capes owners are invited (and encouraged!) to attend. Meeting packets will be snail-mailed on Tuesday, April 2, one packet for each LOT. (Meaning if your lot has multiple owners, only one of you will receive the packet and it’s up to you to share it with your co-owners.) If you don’t receive your packet by Tuesday, April 9 (a week should be plenty of time for it to arrive, right?), please let the office know. For those of you who just can’t wait, links to view the documents online will also be emailed out to all owners in the April 1 Capes News email. Hope to see you on the 27th! [If you’re on the fence about attending, you should probably know – we’ll have snacks, door prizes and a trivia game!]

Instagram and other Social Media

For those of you who just can’t get enough of The Capes, you can now follow us on Instagram! Just search for the screen name thecapeshoa or use this handy-dandy link to our profile page: If you’ve got great Capes pics of your own that you’d like to share, please send them to and we’ll add them to our Instagram page (with appropriate photo credit, of course!). The photos can be of anything you like as long as they were 1) taken at The Capes (or in this general vicinity) and 2) have a PG-13 rating or less. (This is a family show, after all.) We’d especially love to see families having fun at The Capes, adorable Capes pets, shots of the local flora and fauna, scenic pics and any historical Capes photos you might have. 

Don’t forget – we’re on Facebook, too! Here’s the direct link so you can “like” and “follow” us there:

Dumpster Rant Revisited

A couple of months ago (literally), our monthly update included a rather lengthy post about proper dumpster usage. In the two months since that post, it seems like pretty much every “don’t” in that post has been done:

  • Large furniture items were left on the ground in between the dumpsters – this resulted in a $175 fee from a contractor to haul it away to the dump, which was passed along to the owner who left it. Had it been taken directly to the dump, it would only have cost him around $20.
  • Hazardous waste (paint) was put into the dumpsters. We managed to catch most of it, but unfortunately 1 can was missed and was taken away with our trash. This resulted in a $500 fine from City Sanitary and still more possible fines pending from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. This, too, could have gone directly to the dump on one of their hazardous waste collection days for relatively little money.
  • Many, many boxes are still being thrown away without being flattened first – there would be so much more room for residents to dispose of their trash if all boxes were broken down. (Or better yet – recycle them!)
  • Twice in the last couple of weeks, glass recycling has been left on the ground next to the dumpsters. (All Bigfoot jokes aside, see photo at the top of this post – that box contains several empty beer bottles.) The first time it happened, a wine bottle that was left fell over and broke, leaving broken glass all over the ground. Both times, the Manager had to go clean up and remove the items. (But hey, thanks for the $2.50 in bottle deposit returns!) There is no recycling collection area on the ground next to the dumpsters. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE TRASH ON THE GROUND, RECYCLING OR OTHERWISE.

In an effort to get the word out to all homeowners (because the people who are actually reading this newsletter certainly aren’t the ones misusing the dumpsters, right? Right??), the annual meeting packets will include an information sheet entitled Dumpster Usage Guidelines. Please take a few moments to read through them when you get a chance, and share them with any guests that will be using your home here at The Capes.

Volunteer opportunity – if you would be interested in organizing a Recycling Committee here at The Capes, please contact the office. We would be willing to set aside a space for recycling collection here at the office, but it will require homeowner volunteers that are available the first Saturday of the month to take the recycled items to the mobile recycling center in Netarts and to make occasional runs to the main recycling center on Eckloff Road.

Fine Schedule Approved

Prior to the March 16, 2019 Board meeting, all owners were notified that the Board was considering some updates to the Fine Schedule and Enforcement Policy. At that meeting, the Board voted to accept all changes as proposed. A copy of the revised Fine Schedule has been included in the annual meeting packet that will be mailed out on April 2, 2019. It has also been posted to the Current Governing Documents section of our website and can be viewed here: Capes Fine Schedule v5.1 3/16/2019 Approved

Townhome Trim Painting – Phase II

Don’t forget – if your townhome lot number is 40 – 77, you are scheduled for exterior trim painting this coming summer. If you’ve been putting off getting any exterior work done, now is the time to get ‘er done! Boards that are rotted (or otherwise damaged or missing) cannot be painted. If portions of your home cannot be painted while the painters are here due to lack of maintenance, you will have to have them painted at your own expense after the repairs have been completed.

New Quarter of Giving Recipient – C.A.R.E.

A new quarter means a new Quarter of Giving Recipient. This time the spotlight is on Community Action Resource Enterprises, Inc. in Tillamook, also known as CARE. CARE is Tillamook’s locally grown non-profit organization helping to alleviate the effects of poverty in Tillamook County. Founded in 1991, CARE provides a variety of services including placement into housing with case management, basic needs support, energy assistance, home visitation for families with infants, and senior and disabled assisted living.

Once again, The Capes has a team participating in CARE’s annual Knock Down Poverty Bowl-a-Thon, which takes place on Saturday, May 4, 2019. Last year we raised almost $1,300 for this event – let’s see if we can beat that this year! If you’d like to make a pledge, contact the office with your pledge amount ( or send a check made out to CARE to The Capes HOA, PO Box 404, Oceanside, OR 97134. Here are just a few ways that your donation can help:

Emergency Services

    • $500 covers a security deposit for a renter
    • $250 pays for a PUD utility deposit for a new renter
    • $100 buys a tent, tarp, and sleeping bag for a homeless person
    • $70 shelters a couple in a motel for one night
    • $30 buys a bus pass for a senior citizen who can no longer drive

Healthy Families

    • $500 buys 14 boxes of diapers, each containing 216 diapers
    • $300 gets 15 front packs
    • $150 pays for 10 baby gates
    • $70 buys a stroller
    • $30 pays for a co-sleeper

To learn more about all the ways this organization helps the local community, visit their website at