Frequently Asked Questions

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What is The Capes Homeowners Association?

The Capes Homeowners Association (HOA) is a non-profit organization composed of homeowners in The Capes community. You automatically become a member when you purchase a Capes home, townhome, cottage or undeveloped lot.

What are the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) and By-laws of The Capes HOA?

The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) are the governing documents of our association. This document gives the association its power and authority and is recorded against each lot.  The owner of each lot is therefore subject to the terms and conditions it contains. It is the guideline that all community operations follow.

In addition to the CC&Rs, we have By-laws. While the CC&Rs bestow the authority of the association, the By-laws detail how that authority is to be administered. This document has more specific guidelines regarding the day-to-day operation and management of the association.

Owning a home in an association provides many advantages and benefits, but also comes with some boundaries on individual choices. While some restrictions may seem inconvenient, they are necessary to maintain consistency in the community and to help enhance the property values of everyone’s homes.

How do I pay my assessments and how much are they?

HOA dues are due the first of each month. For 2024, Townhouse dues are $290/month. Single Family homes and Cottage* dues are $161/month. Undeveloped lot dues are $146/month.

Payment should be mailed to the following address:

The Capes HOA
605 Capes Drive
Tillamook, OR 97141

Dues can also be dropped by the Manager’s office.

*NOTE: Cottages pay the master association dues of $161/month as well as a separate, quarterly dues amount to the Cottages HOA. (Contact the Cottages at The Capes HOA for the current amount.)

When is the Annual Meeting?

The annual meeting is usually the third Saturday in April. Once the date has been officially set, it will be posted in the “Upcoming Meetings” section of the home page. As with regular Board meetings, all homeowners are encouraged to attend. We will discuss the previous year’s projects, as well as plans for the upcoming year.

How can I get exterior changes to my home approved?

The Capes has an Architecture Review Committee (ARC) which handles review of all new construction and exterior renovation requests. Please refer to the Architectural Review page on this website to know how to contact the committee. This area also includes the documents needed for an ARC review. ARC review is REQUIRED for exterior changes/improvements. If you have additional questions, please contact The Capes office.

Can I volunteer for a committee even though I only live there part time or only come down occasionally on weekends?

YES!! Many of our current committee members are part-time owners. This is a volunteer position. As we are mainly a second home community, the committees understand that all members may not make all meetings. Often communication happens via Zoom, email, and/or phone calls. For Committee responsibilities, please see a list of our community committees on the Committees page of this website.  Time commitments vary for each committee. Feel free to contact The Capes office or the Committee Chair for more information about each specific committee.

To help engage homeowners in the positive direction of our community, we encourage homeowners to contribute to a committee. The more we can volunteer skills and services as a community, the fewer responsibilities need to be hired and/or contracted out which may ultimately, increase homeowner assessments.

How do I run for the Board?

In the weeks leading up to the Annual Meeting (typically held the 3rd Saturday in April), Board seats that are open for election will be announced to the community. Any homeowners that are interested in joining (or being re-elected to) the Board are encouraged to run for any of the open positions. Candidates will be given a deadline by which to declare their interest in running and another deadline for submission of any required statements or questionnaires. Candidate statements and questionnaires will be distributed to homeowners as part of the Annual Meeting materials package in the weeks before the meeting, and homeowners will vote to elect Board members at the Annual Meeting.

Is there a webcam site where I can see the coast when I am not there?

The Capes does not have an official web cam, however, some homeowners have enjoyed viewing a real time view of the Oceanside coast. Click here to go to a real time view. This can help you see the weather conditions at The Capes when you aren’t here.

How can I use the Bridge House?

The Bridge House is a wonderful resource for our community. Amenities include a small kitchen area with a refrigerator, tables and chairs, a wood burning stove, 2 decks and a restroom. There are several books, puzzles and games that can be borrowed by homeowners and their guests or used within the Bridge House.

Any homeowner can reserve the Bridge House for a private function, party or family gathering.  To reserve the Bridge House, you will need to log in to the Owner Portal, go to Reservations and create a new reservation. You will also be required to submit a fully-refundable cleaning deposit of $100 (required) to the office. We ask that anyone who uses this facility clean it afterwards and leave it in the condition they found it. Upon inspection by the Resident Manager, the deposit will be refunded. (If professional cleaning is required, it will be applied to the costs.)

Throughout the year, the Bridge House Committee hosts social events at the Bridge House including an Ice Cream Social, Wine and Cheese Party, Brats and Brew Party and a Family Game Night. If you have additional ideas on social activities/uses for the Bridge House, please contact The Bridge House Committee: Wireless internet access is available in the Bridge House, as well.

How do I register guests coming to my home at The Capes?

To ensure the safety and well being of all homeowners, all non-family members (either guests or renters) that will be using your home without you being present must be preregistered in the Owner Portal. To register your guests/renters, log in to the Owner Portal, go to the Visitors section and select Pre-Register Visitor. (For a tutorial on how to fill out the pre-registration form, click here.)

What are my responsibilities as a pet owner?

Although we love our pets, it is important to remember that not everyone wants one. Dog and cat owners are responsible for keeping their pets from infringing on others’ enjoyment of the community.  Dogs must be on leash at all times within The Capes, even on the stairs leading to and from the beach.   It is the responsibility of the pet owner to pick up all solid waste immediately.

What is the budget review schedule and how can I make suggestions and/or review the budget before the Annual Meeting?

The Capes has a fiscal year of January 1 through December 31.  Preparation for the budget starts in September, with meetings periodically and as needed through November; the budget is adopted at the November Board meeting.  The Board and Budget Committee work diligently to not only preserve our capital reserves, but to prudently manage expenses. The Budget Committee welcomes any interested homeowners. The Budget Committee is especially active in the last quarter of the year when they prepare the budget for the upcoming year.  Please contact The Capes office to get involved with this process.

How do I contact other homeowners at The Capes?

Our website is currently a public entity to allow not only homeowners information about our community, but others who are interested in our community and/or might want to purchase a home for sale. Given this, our homeowner’s contact list can only be found through the Owner Portal. Once logged in, go to Community > Directories, Owners/Residents.

How do I check out the [pickleball/bocce/horseshoe] equipment?

We have pickleball paddles and balls, two bocce sets, and horseshoes available to borrow. They are stored in a self-checkout equipment locker outside the office door that is secured with a padlock. The combination for the padlock can be found on the Home screen of the Owner Portal after logging in, on a ticker-tape scroller across the bottom of the page. Please return all equipment as soon as you are finished with it, so that others can enjoy it as well. Report any broken/missing/damaged items to the Manager.