The HOA Board

The Capes Homeowners Association Board of Directors

2021 Board of Directors (from left to right): Cheryl Jones, Claude Zeller, Tony Ogden, Cherie Plaisted, Scott Newcombe, Gene Mitchell (Not pictured: current board Petra Shapiro and Susan Hunter) Coming soon – a photo of the 2022 Board!

The Capes Homeowners Association Board of Directors is made up of 7 homeowners who have each volunteered to serve for a term of 3 years. Board elections are held each April at the annual homeowner meeting for any seats that are up for reelection in that particular year. The board meets 10 times per year, typically on the 3rd Saturday of the month*. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, there are no meetings in August or December. Meeting agendas are posted at least 3 days before each meeting*, and all owners are welcome to attend. All monthly board meetings are held at the Bridge House and begin at 9:30 am with an “open forum” during which time owners are invited to come and speak to the board on any subject. At 10:00 am, or once all attending owners have been heard (whichever comes FIRST), the regular meeting will begin. Once the regular meeting has been called to order, owners are welcome to remain and observe.

[NOTE: Due to current restrictions in place to help combat Covid-19, monthly board meetings are being held primarily via Zoom online video conferencing for the foreseeable future. Any owner who wishes to “attend” should email the Manager no later than 2pm the day before a scheduled meeting to request a meeting link.

Current Board Members**

Gene Mitchell
President and LSC Committee Liaison

Scott Newcombe
Vice President

Cheryl Jones
Treasurer and Emergency Readiness Committee Liaison

Claude Zeller
Board Member and ARC Committee Liaison

Cherie Plaisted
Secretary and HR Liaison

Petra Shapiro
Board Member

Susan Hunter
Board Member

*See the “Upcoming Meetings” sidebar for meeting dates and agendas

**For current Board Member Biographies, please visit the Owners Only section of this website.