Emergency Readiness

Emergency Readiness Committee

Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes…and rarely provide advance notice of their arrival. Let’s face it – you can’t possibly prepare for every contingency, but the Emergency Readiness Committee was formed to help ensure that The Capes and all of its residents are as prepared as can be for some of the more predictable events.

All HOA members are asked to fill out the Emergency Preparedness Questionnaire, which can be accessed on this page (or by visiting Documents>Forms and Information on the navigation bar above and clicking on the Emergency Readiness directory). This information will help The Capes be better prepared in the event that a disaster should strike. Completed forms should be sent to the The Capes office.

Emergency Readiness Information and Links

Current committee members:

  • Cheryl Jones – Board Liaison
  • Jenny Green – Manager
  • This committee is currently in need of new members! If you would like to volunteer, please contact the office!