Homeowners Association Volunteer Committees

We have several committees to help maintain the vitality of the community and new volunteers are always welcome.  In efforts to keep association costs and dues to a minimum, our volunteers help the community reduce the cost of services that may otherwise need to be contracted out.  It is an excellent opportunity to contribute your knowledge, skills and interests to the community, as well as to meet new friends and neighbors.  Below is a listing of our committees – click on the committee name for more information.  Please contact The Capes office to get more information.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

This committee meets on an as-needed basis and corresponds via email with many requests. Their primary function is to review and approve new construction of homes, all exterior building requests for remodels and any exterior changes on cottages, townhomes and single family homes. They meet in person when reviewing building plans. The committee guidelines are part of The Capes CC&R’s. (Article VII page 21) [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION]

Landscape Committee (LSC)

The volunteers on the LSC strive to help retain ocean and bay views while maintaining the natural coastal beauty of The Capes. They meet as needed to review view restoration requests, approve new construction landscape plans, and assist homeowners with landscape-related questions and issues. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION]

Emergency Preparedness Committee

The purpose of this committee is to help ensure that The Capes and all of its residents are as prepared as can be in the event of an emergency or catastrophic disaster. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION]

Bridge House Activities Committee (BHC)

A.K.A. the “Fun Committee,” this team organizes all of our awesome community-wide social events at The Capes. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION]

Budget Committee

This committee meets in person once or twice every year in the fall to discuss the budget for the upcoming year. It is typically made up of the Treasurer, the Capes accountant, the bookkeeper, the Resident Manager and 2-3 homeowners.