Capes News – June 2019

Phase II Painting is Underway!

Loran and his crew from Ofstad Painting arrived on site Tuesday, May 28 and will be here for the next couple of months as they work on Phase II of the town home exterior trim painting. [Lots 40 – 77] In addition to the trim painting, they can also paint garage doors (for an additional fee – generally around $100-$300 depending on the condition of your door)…so if you need to have your garage door painted, contact the office and we’ll get you set up.

Independence Day Weekend BBQ

Our annual Independence Day Weekend BBQ is only a little over a month away! This year it will be held on Saturday, July 6, 2019 from noon until 3:00 pm at the meadow. The HOA will supply the burgers, hot dogs, buns and all the fixin’s, along with soda and bottled water. Owners should bring a side dish or dessert to share, and any “alternative beverages” that you would like. Family, guests and 4-legged friends are welcome – provided they are on a leash, of course. (We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether the leash goes on your family, your friends or your dog.) This annual barbecue is a great opportunity to meet new neighbors and catch up with everyone else.

There is one small catch this year – the manager, Jenny Green, will be away on vacation for the 2 weeks leading up to the BBQ and we will need one volunteer to be “in charge” of coordinating the event. We will provide you with lists and timelines and as many volunteers as we can muster ahead of time, but just need that one brave soul to be the calm in the center of the chaos. It’s not as bad as it sounds…really. 😉 If you like being asked silly questions (“Should I put a trash bag in this trash can?”) and telling other people what to do, this is the job for you!

Please take a few minutes right now to let us know if you will or will not be attending (We’ll take “maybe” for an answer, too!), and if you are interested in helping to organize the event by taking this very brief survey:

CLICK HERE TO RSVP FOR THE JULY 6 BBQ!!!   (Do it now, before you forget. It’ll only take a minute, promise!)

Office Closures Ahead….

As alluded above, the Manager will be on vacation from Saturday, June 22 through Sunday, July 7, during which time office coverage will be extremely limited. There are a couple of volunteer homeowners who will be “on call” to help with some requests (handing out keys to contractors, etc.), but arrangements will need to be made in advance – no one will be sitting in the office on a regular basis during those two weeks. A reminder will go out as we get a little closer, but if you think you might need something from the office during that timeframe, let us know now!

Slow Down, Speed Racer!

We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone (and please, feel free to share this with your family members and guests!) that there is a 15 mph speed limit throughout The Capes, as well as a 4-way stop sign at the intersection of Promontory Lane, Capes Drive and Fall Creek Drive at the front of the community. There have been quite a few instances lately where the manager has observed drivers running the stop sign and driving (quite obviously) in excess of 15 mph. The office has also received a couple of complaints about reckless drivers within the community. As (what passes here for) summer approaches, more and more people will be out and about within The Capes – walking dogs, heading to the beach, etc. – and as there are no sidewalks, it is imperative to the safety of everyone that drivers obey the traffic rules.


Per The Capes Fine Schedule and Enforcement Policy, violators can be fined $100 per instance of speeding or running the stop sign, as it is a violation that can affect the safety of others. Having a camera at the front gate makes offending drivers much easier to identify now, too. So…let’s all just slow it down, ‘mkay?

Quarter of Giving Featured Organization – CARE

This is the last month for our current Quarter of Giving Recipient: Community Action Resource Enterprises, Inc. in Tillamook, also known as CARE. CARE is Tillamook’s locally grown non-profit organization helping to alleviate the effects of poverty in Tillamook County. Founded in 1991, CARE provides a variety of services including placement into housing with case management, basic needs support, energy assistance, home visitation for families with infants, and senior and disabled assisted living.

The Capes had a team in this year’s CARE Knock Down Poverty bowl-a-thon on May 4th, and thanks to your generous donations we raised almost $2,800! (The entire event raised over $32,000 for this organization!)

If you’d like to make a donation, drop off or send a check made out to CARE to The Capes HOA, PO Box 404, Oceanside, OR 97134. Here are just a few ways that your donation can help:

Emergency Services

    • $500 covers a security deposit for a renter
    • $250 pays for a PUD utility deposit for a new renter
    • $100 buys a tent, tarp, and sleeping bag for a homeless person
    • $70 shelters a couple in a motel for one night
    • $30 buys a bus pass for a senior citizen who can no longer drive

Healthy Families

    • $500 buys 14 boxes of diapers, each containing 216 diapers
    • $300 gets 15 front packs
    • $150 pays for 10 baby gates
    • $70 buys a stroller
    • $30 pays for a co-sleeper

To learn more about all the ways this organization helps the local community, visit their website at