Capes News – March 2023

Annual Meeting/Voting Information

Voting for this year’s director election will once again take place via mail-in (or email-in) ballot. An email went out to all owners on 2/24/2023 with information on how to request secrecy ballot procedures or make “floor” nominations for board candidates. If you intend to do either, the corresponding form is due back to the office by Friday, March 10, 2023. Both forms have been uploaded to the owner portal library, if you need them. Log into the owner portal and to go Community > Library and click on the folder labeled “Voting”.

Ballot packets will be mailed out between March 14 – 17 so that ballots can be returned and counted prior to our April 15, 2023 Annual Homeowners (Zoom) Meeting, when the winners will be announced. Only one packet will be mailed per lot, so if your lot has multiple owners, only one of you will receive a ballot in the mail. It will be up to that owner to confer with your partners and decide together how to cast the vote for your lot. [The ballot packet will also be uploaded to the owner portal library so that all owners will be able to access it online as well.]

There are two seats with expiring terms this year – those belonging to Cheryl Jones and Gene Mitchell. Cheryl and Gene will be running for re-election, and will be joined in the race by fellow homeowners Glenn Rowell and David Shuldes.

Feedback Requested on Proposed Resolution

On February 18, 2023, an email went out from the Board requesting feedback on a proposed View Protection Resolution. The comment period will remain open until March 10, 2023, so please keep the feedback coming! You can find the proposed resolution and all of the feedback that’s been received through 3/1/2023 posted in the owner portal. After logging in to the owner portal go to Community > Library and click on the folder labeled “Rules/Governance.” You’ll find all of the documents under the subheading “Proposed View Protection Resolution  – 2-18-2023.” Comments can be emailed to

Spring Clean-Up Dates

Dates for this spring’s landscape clean-up have been set for April 28 – May 7, 2023. Watch the April newsletter for details!

Call for Volunteers!

If you’ve got a little extra time on your hands that you’re looking to fill, please consider volunteering for a committee at The Capes. Our volunteer committees help the community reduce the cost of services that may otherwise need to be contracted out and are an excellent opportunity to contribute your knowledge, skills and interests to the community, as well as to meet new friends and neighbors. Feel free to reach out to the committee of your choice for more information:

  • Architectural Review Committee – – The primary function of the ARC is to review and approve new construction of homes, all exterior building requests for remodels and any exterior changes on cottages, townhomes and single family homes. All are welcome, and bonus points if you have a background in architecture or building.
  • Bridge House Committee – – Also called the “Fun Committee” the BHC is responsible for the planning and execution of our community social events. Calling all party planners!
  • Budget Committee – – The Budget Committee meets a handful of times between September and November of each year to put together a proposed operating budget for the upcoming year.
  • Emergency Preparedness Committee – – The purpose of the EPC is to help ensure that The Capes and all of its residents are as prepared as can be in the event of an emergency or catastrophic disaster.
  • Landscape Committee – – The LSC reviews view restoration requests, approves new construction landscape plans, and assists homeowners with landscape-related questions and issues.

Almost Time to Spring Ahead!

Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour on Sunday, March 12, 2023. Instead of Daylight Savings Time, I like to call it Evening Beach Walk Time!

Broken Limbs and Trees

Our recent Snowmagedden has left several trees with broken limbs throughout the community, so if you have a tree that is suddenly missing a branch or two, that is most likely why. Our landscapers are working to clean up what they can, and if you have a damaged tree that they aren’t able to take care of, we will let you know.