Capes News – July 2021

Changes to the Guest and Renter Registration Process

As we work to simplify some of our more frequently used processes for owners and management alike, we have updated our Guest/Renter Registration procedure.

Any time a non-family member will be staying overnight in your home at The Capes, they need to be registered with the office. In the past, this registration was a two-step process, where the owner filled out one form (the ‘notification’) and the guest or renter filled out another form (the ‘registration’). To make this easier on everyone, we have consolidated everything into one form to be filled out by the property owner. To access that form, you will need to be able to log in to the new Manage My Nest Owner Portal, so if you haven’t received your login information, let the office know! (Individual logins were sent to all owners on June 6th.)

For a step-by-step explanation and a video tutorial outlining the new process, follow the link marked “Guest/Renter Registration Procedures – New!” in the Quick Links section in the sidebar of this website.

A Note from Fire Chief Tim Carpenter:

Netarts and Oceanside community members:
Welcome to summer, earlier then in the past but that shouldn’t be completely unexpected. The influx of visitors over the last year maybe slowed a bit last winter but never really stopped. I think we know what is in store for us as we get further into the summer. Parking and access are probably going to be difficult at best. The Fire District is aware and trying to anticipate and plan, but we are asking everyone to be patient with each other and with any future traffic flow changes that might occur.

The dry, hotter weather so early in the year is unexpected but hey why not make a difficult situation a little more difficult; seems like that is way the world is working lately.

Northwest Oregon went into fire season as of today June 22nd, 2021. Tillamook county will go into a burning closure at the regular date of July 15th, 2021. The difference in this year is we will be closing open debris piles and burn barrels at the same time, and both will remain closed until late September possibly October depending on the weather. This closure date for both burn barrels and debris piles will remain the same form this point forward. Until that date, you are still required to have a valid burn permit issued by the fire district and we are asking that you do your burning as early in the morning as possible during the daylight hours, and for any debris piles you call and notify the Netarts fire station (503) 842-5900.

This does not affect back yard and beach warming fires if they adhere to the warming fire guidelines that can be found on the fire district web site .
The Oregon State Parks are in control of fires on the beach. The fire district will work with Parks when the weather or other causes dictate that we close all burning. If the area is put under a red flag warning all open burning will cease.

We are asking everyone to be careful this summer. The fire danger is going to be high and with more people the likely hood of injury and accident are going to be greater.

Tim Carpenter

Fire Chief
Fire District

Fires and Fireworks

Please remember that outdoor burning and fireworks of all kinds are prohibited at The Capes. It’s been very warm lately, rainfall has been more of an occasional mist than anything else, and conditions are extremely dry. The last thing anyone wants is a repeat of the fire scare that we had on Labor Day. As you can see from Tim Carpenter’s message, we are officially in fire season, and outdoor burning will soon be closed throughout the county. Beach fires will still be allowed, unless we enter red flag conditions, but when building a beach fire, please be careful to:

  • Always build it FAR away from all driftwood, beach grass and other combustibles
  • Only burn small pieces of wood in your fire, do not burn the large logs. As you can see in the photo above, a log was lit on fire down on the beach and was not extinguished properly. As a result, it was still smoldering and burning inside the log days later, until the Netarts-Oceanside Fire Department came out and opened it up.
  • Keep your fires a reasonable size – no more than 3 feet in diameter with a flame length less than 2 feet from the ground.
  • Pay attention to weather conditions and to not build a beach fire during periods of high winds and/or high temperatures and low humidity
  • ONLY use water to douse your beach fire. Covering a fire with sand will not extinguish the fire…it will continue to burn/smolder and can burn the feet of unsuspecting people or pets that walk over it.

If you ever see a fire on the beach that you think may be dangerous or out of control, please don’t risk a confrontation with someone who may or may not be receptive to your comments. You can call the fire department’s non-emergency number at 503-842-5900, and they are happy to come check it out.

Office Closure

The office will be closed from Saturday, July 3, 2021 through Monday, July 12, 2021 and will re-open on Tuesday, July 13th. If you anticipate needing something from the office, please notify the manager via email ( as far in advance as possible, so that arrangements can be made.

Don’t feed the _______!

Deer, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, coyotes, bears…fill in the blank! Please do not leave food out for any of these creatures. Intentionally or no, leaving food out for some will attract others that are less-desirable, like mice and rats. We’ve already had a couple of homeowners find evidence of rodents creating nests INSIDE the engine of their car, which can do a lot of damage if they start chewing through wires.