Capes News – November 2020

2021 Dues and Budget

Hold that thought! The Budget Committee has been working diligently on next year’s budget, and just wants to wait a little bit longer to get some more accurate “actuals” figures for 2020, so that we can keep the dues as close to this year’s numbers as possible. Watch your inboxes later this month for the 2021 proposed budget and dues.

How DO You DUE?

Speaking of 2021 dues…it’s that time of year again when I beg ask you to let me know if you would like to receive a tear-out payment book for your 2021 HOA dues…or if you’d rather have a statement/reminder emailed to you…or if you’re one of those independent types that don’t need no stinkin’ reminders. Whatever your preference, please take a moment now to let me know by filling out this brief form:

I will be placing orders for the tear-out payment books on December 7, 2020, so if you want one, I have to hear from you no later than Sunday, December 6, 2020. [Please note, the office absolutely does NOT need to have that tear-out coupon to process your dues payment. They are for your convenience only. If the only reason you like them is because they come with mailing labels, let me know, and I’ll be happy to mail you some labels instead!]

Fantastic Progress on our NORFPD Fundraiser!

Please take a few moments to read our fundraiser progress report below. If you’ve already donated, PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK RIGHT NOW, YOU AMAZING, WONDERFUL PERSON, YOU! If you haven’t gotten your donation in yet, it’s not too late!


Hello Neighbors and Friends!

Our community began a campaign to support the Netarts-Oceanside Rural Fire Protection District [NORFPD] on October 9, 2020. Now, three weeks later, we are delighted to report the following success:

  • 61 donors have given to the NORFPD from THE CAPES community so far
  • $19,864 has been collected from THE CAPES community for the NORFPD via checks and online donations
  • $5,000 was also donated as a match by a private foundation
  • $24,864 is the total raised so far by this campaign for NORFPD
  • STUNNING! We have really pulled together to support NORFPD. One family even donated the full amount for Wildland Fire Equipment [fireproof clothing for 9 volunteer firefighters].

All of this is in response to the ‘near miss’ of a fire on September 7th on the east side of the highway near The Capes entrance. This coincided with many other tragic fires in our region and state. Gratefully, the NORFPD, a largely volunteer department, stopped the fire 100 yards from our gate. The danger of fire is real as we look to next year’s season.

Fire is only one of the emergencies they respond to. The NORFPD is struggling with the loss of donations due to the pandemic cancelling its Memorial Day and Labor Day fundraising. WE ARE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

The campaign to raise money for NORFPD will run though November 30, 2020. NORFPD needs emergency and fire fighting equipment. They respond to 11,000 residents [triples during the summer] and 40 square miles. The NORFPD needs:

  • Wildland Fire Equipment – fire proof, lighter weight pants, jacket, helmet. Have 9 and need 9 more. Cost of each ‘set’ is $750. Total for 9 is $6,750. FULL AMOUNT DONATED
  • Hydraulic Extractor, Jaws of Life – one is a spreading tool [$12,000], the other is a cutting tool [$13,000]. NORFPD uses Tillamook’s but that is six miles away.
  • Drones – used in rapid searching the surf to pinpoint victims, infrared would allow search of heat signatures of lost Cape Lookout hikers. Total: $25,000.
  • Helmet Lights – used with rope rescue teams. $200 each, Six needed.Total: $1,200.
  • 87 Rescue tool – Channel lock rescue tool for house fires. $40 each. Total for 16: $640.

One hundred percent of The Capes HOA board has donated. They are asking everyone to please give generously to NORFPD. The easiest way to donate is directly via the “donate now” button at the bottom of the NORFPD website: . For those preferring to write a check, please make them out to “Netarts-Oceanside Volunteer Fire Association” which can be delivered to The Capes office. YOUR CHARITABLE DONATION IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Please email your donation confirmation receipt to, a private Capes email address especially created for community related support, so we can track our community’s giving.

Our goal was to get to $14,250 and we have blown past that! Can The Capes community present NORFPD with $30,000 in donations when this campaign ends on November 30th? Please consider a gift to NORFPD in any amount.

Thank you for your consideration and concern to help our community and NORFPD!


Susan, Eric and Carter

If you have any questions, please direct them to Fundraising efforts are being coordinated by Capes homeowners Susan Hunter, Eric Pleschner and Carter Thompson with permission from The Capes Homeowners Association Board of Directors. Carter is also a NORFPD medic and fire fighter!

Tales from the Bridge House

We have just one more chapter left in this season’s Tales from the Bridge House! A Brief Introduction to Color Theory presented by fellow Caper Carter Thompson will be coming soon to a Zoom chat near you! This fifth chapter of Tales will take place on Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 6:00 pm. Watch your inboxes for a Zoom link later this month!

Our 4th chapter – the much-anticipated MOTH storytelling event – took place on October 22nd, and we had a blast. It was recorded, and the video is posted oh-so-conveniently below, for your viewing pleasure. Pour yourself a drink, make some popcorn, sit back and relax with some great stories from your fellow Capers. (But don’t forget to read the rest of the newsletter first.)

Gate Update

Just a little BOLO FYI…we will be upgrading the gate’s communication system from an outdated, no-longer-supported POTS (plain ole’ telephone system – I’m not kidding, that’s what they call it!) connection to an internet and VoIP calling connection over the next couple of weeks. Please be careful when entering/exiting the gate area in case workers are nearby.

A Word about Covid19…

I know we’re all tired of hearing it. Tired of living it. But…unfortunately, cases are on the rise in Oregon. For the last several days the state has been averaging well over 500 new cases per day – the highest numbers so far since the start of the pandemic. This is just a reminder that many of our residents are older or may have preexisting conditions that place them in the high-risk category for covid. Please, please, please wear a mask whenever you unable to maintain a safe distance from others. In particular, the narrow width of the stairs throughout the community makes keeping a 6′ distance impossible when passing someone. On some of the stairways you can look to make sure no one else is on the stairs before you start up or down, but the beach stairs are surrounded by trees, which makes seeing the other end rather difficult. Wearing a mask on the stairs will go a long way towards making those more vulnerable among us feel a little bit safer on their beach walks!