Capes News – October 2022

A Voice, not THE Voice

You may have recently received a newsletter purporting to be from The Voice of The Capes. Please be advised that the Capes owner (or owners) responsible for that newsletter do not represent nor are they authorized to speak on behalf of The Capes Homeowners Association or its Board of Directors.

As always, our Board would like to encourage any Capes owners with questions or concerns to attend one of their monthly open Board meetings. Meetings are held via Zoom, so you do not need to be physically at The Capes to attend. The first half hour of every meeting is dedicated to a homeowner open forum, where you can make comments or ask any questions that you may have.

Board meetings are typically held on the 3rd Saturday of every month (except for August and December), and meeting dates for the year are posted on this website ( on the right sidebar under “Upcoming Meetings.” The Zoom link is the same for every board meeting, and you can find it by logging in to the owner portal, going to Community > Calendar and clicking on the calendar entry for the next upcoming Board meeting.

It’s Party Time!

Here’s what’s happening this month at The Capes…………
WHO: All CAPES residents
WHAT: Halloween Gathering
WHEN: Saturday, October 29,2022  from 4 – 6 pm
WHERE: The Bridge House
WHY: The Bridge House Activities Committee is bringing back a tradition: the return of the old-fashioned community Halloween Party. We’ll supply some wine and cheese! You bring candy to share. Come as you are or dress in costume.   Hang out for good conversations and celebrate the return of fall.  Space limited to 35 people. Please RSVP to

Time to Clean-Up!

Our Fall Clean-Up has been scheduled for Friday, November 4th through Sunday, November 13th. Here are all of the details, if you don’t know how this works:

WHAT: Our spring and fall clean-ups are your opportunity to do a little yard work without having to worry about what to do with the debris. We will set up 5 collection areas throughout the neighborhood where you can discard your leftover plant material and other woody debris, and we’ll dispose of it for you.

WHEN: The clean up will run from Friday, November 4, 2022 through Sunday, November 13, 2022.

WHERE: The collection sites will be marked with orange stakes (or cones) as follows:

  • The front of Lot #115 on Fall Creek Drive. (East side of the road, just south of 475 Fall Creek Dr.)
  • The Meadow (where Capes Drive, Capes Loop and Capes Point all come together)
  • Tract F on Capes Drive (the northernmost point of Capes Drive, right at the point where the road makes a 180° turn)
  • Tract N on Promontory Lane (near where the observation platform used to be)
  • Fall Creek Drive near the tennis court

Here is a map for the more visual among us. The sites are marked with a big, red X:

WHO: Josh Vance of His Glory Landscape Care and Home Maintenance will be organizing the collection sites and disposing of the debris. He is also available to assist with any yard maintenance or tree trimming that you would like (at your expense). Josh can be reached by telephone (503-812-5716) or email (


  1. All woody debris (trees and tree limbs) should be limited to NO LARGER THAN 4 INCHES IN DIAMETER. Anything larger is your responsibility and should not be taken to a clean up site.
  2. Please remember that this is for “clean up” and not “clearing”. If you are clearing or significantly thinning a vacant lot, disposal of large amounts of trees will be your responsibility. (Our budget will not handle the disposal of an entire forest. Sorry!) If you are not sure whether or not what you are planning to remove constitutes a “large amount of trees” then it probably does…but feel free to contact the office and make sure!
  3. Debris must be taken to one of the staked sites in order to be disposed of as part of the Clean-Up. If for some reason you need Josh to collect debris directly from your lot, it is your responsibility to contact him and let him know. If the debris meets the criteria for items #1 and 2 above (it’s less than 4 inches in diameter and is not a significant number of trees) he will still include it with the HOA disposal items, however, you will be billed for any time/labor charges incurred while collecting the debris from your property. Our contract/arrangement with Josh is for setting up and clearing the 5 collection areas only. Anything above and beyond that requested by a homeowner will need to be done at that homeowner’s expense.